In the labyrinth, one does not lose oneself
in the labyrinth, one finds oneself
n the labyrinth
one does not encounter the minotaur
in the labyrinth, one encounters oneself

Hermann kern

a matera c'è un posto così

Smell, hearing, touch, sight and…taste. All five senses called upon to reinterpret and reveal a whole new world in a multi-sensory dimension where dreams commune with reality and where only by becoming immersed can one fully appreciate the evocative beauty of the pulsing heart of ancient architecture.

A comfortable and refined setting where the eyes outpace even the palate in pleasurable contemplation of the unobtrusively presented works of contemporary international artists.


Qui si pranza, qui si incantano i sensi, qui si vivono emozioni

Daedalus, the great Athenian architect, sculptor and inventor, was imprisoned by King Minos with his son Icarus in a mysterious building that Daedalus himself had built to prevent the escape of the Minotaur, a legendary creature half man and half bull.

We like to fancy that, after a long and perilous odyssey to freedom on waxen wings, he landed here to build a labyrinth, but this time for himself. Inside, hidden from the careless glance of the distracted passer-by, mysterious and seductive figures of mythology make of this setting an enchanted garden of the senses in which to indulge the sublimest pleasures.

A safe and welcoming abode, a cavern in the bowels of the earth where time suspended beguiles you, and the mind, freed of its yoke, discovers its perfect perspective. The only way out: follow the thread....

Where East and West, heaven and earth, dream and reality come together to offer unforgettable moments, one can take refuge and vanish for a while before returning to everyday life.